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A. Install the Android SDK and the device drivers

1. Download and install the Android SDK. The SDK Manager is included in Android Studio, but you don’t need to install more than the basic Android command line tools. These can be found at the bottom of the page.
Tip: Take note of the installation path, you may need to access specific files later.

a. If you are running Windows: You need to install additional drivers.

1. When completing the installation, open the Android SDK Manager and go to the Extras folder to install the Google USB driver.
2. Download and install an updated Fastboot driver. This is the standardandroid_winusb.inf-file, with a few lines of code added to enable Fastboot to support Sony devices.
3. Replace the original android_winusb.inf-file with the downloaded file in theusb_driver folder, located in the Android >sdk > extras > google  folder on your computer.

b. If you’re running OSX or Linux, you are not required to install any additional drivers.

2. On your device, turn on USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer options and click to enable USB debugging.

a. If your device is Android Jelly Bean 4.2 or newer: Developer options are hidden by default. To enable, tap on Settings > About Phone > Build Version multiple times. Then, turn on USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer options.

B. Connect to Fastboot

1. Turn off your Xperia™ C.

2. Connect a USB-cable to your computer.

3. On your Xperia™ C, press the Volume up button at the same time as you connect the other end of the USB-cable.

a. Windows users: When asked for a driver, open the Devices and Printers directory, click on the fastboot driver and press Update. Browse and point towards the location of the new android_winbus.inf file.

4. When your device is connected, open a command window on your computer and go to the platform-tools folder within the Android SDK folder.

5. Enter the following command:

fastboot devices

6. Verify that you get an answer back without any errors.

C. Enter unlock key

WARNING! The command below contains your unlock key. If you perform this step, you will unlock the boot loader. This may void your warranty and/or any warranty from your operator.

1. If you still want to unlock the boot loader of your device, enter the following command:

fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xBCA0D6A8CC3855E2

2. Verify that you get an answer back without any errors.

D. Done!